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Developmentsector.com is an initiative to full fill the gap of human resources in social sector domain.

Nearly 30 crore Indians still live under extreme poverty. According to Labour Ministry data (2016), about 1 million Indians join the workforce every month, looking for means of sustenance. Despite increase in enrolment, in 2015, only 48% of Indian students (in the fifth standard or above) could read textbooks meant for students of second standard (or even lower). In 2013, India’s infant mortality rate was 40, which dropped to only 39 by 2016. Even in 2017, India was ranked 131st out of the 188 nations on UN’s Human Development Index. In 2016, India was ranked 97th out of the 118 countries on the Global Hunger Index. 

Work in the development sector requires a social construction of knowledge, because there is a need for collective and contextual meaning-making. While there may be a broad ‘theory of change’ about a particular thing, it will shaped only by what people make of it. Management development plays an important role in the facilitation of this meaning-making process, and in ensuring that the appropriate, contextually-relevant outcomes are generated. 

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